Thursday, October 27, 2005


The Left's "Superbowl" Weekend and X-mas Eve, Too

I've not eritten much about the CIA/Plame/Wilson/Rove story much at all. It's mainly because I wanted to wait and see how things developed. Though I realize that the left has taken this thing and blown it WAY out of proportion, I believe that whoever was involved, IF a crime was committed deserves discipline-even outright punishment.

What has kept me really entertained in the past couple of weeks, however, is the looney left's effervescent approach to a much anticipated and hoped-for indictment to come down eaither today or tomorrow. Political jerks like Chris Matthews cannot hide their glee at the very thought of indictments against Karl Rove or Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Every liberal Democrat in the nation, I'm sure, are watching with eyes glued to the set to catch the breaking news as it comes down.
This may be a week for partying on the left. Two-days ago they partied when announcement came of the 2000th death in the war in Iraq. Today is their X-mas eve. I would guess that there are "Superbowl Sunday" style parties planned among liberaldom if news of an indictment comes down today or tomorrow. Like watching a cage-match in wrestling, they will cheer as the blood flows and the folding chairs are swung.

If Flame/Plame/Wilson was TRULY a covert agent unknown in any circles outside the "Company", and Rove/Libby knew that to be true, and they purposely outed her in order to punish or discredit her husband-they should be prosecuted.
Rove is a very smart guy-I imagine Libby is, as well. I doubt that two brilliant political strategists would purposely out a covert intelligence operative under the intense scrutiny of an adverarial press and a vicious political smear machine!

While the wackos are speculating, I'll be waiting to hear the facts.

Bravo! Let's wait for the facts!

What amazes me is the Kook Left and their amazing psychic ability to know exactly what's coming from a very tight-lipped Fitzgerald. No one knows. Not only is Rove, Libby, and now Cheney on the chopping block, but also, according to Al Franken, the Grand Poo-Bah of Kook's, Libby and Rove are to be executed for treason.

These are the same folks who ripped Ken Starr a new one for doing his job, in the face of very real criminal misdeeds by then President Clinton. Yet they have nothing but praise for Patrick Fitzgerald. What will they do if Mr. Fitzgerald brings NO indictments? Die in violent apoplectic seizures?

My guess is Libby and Rove will see no indictment on the original charge... Did they deliberately out an active, covert CIA Agent? there's no proof that she was even undercover.

As to perjury, and obstruction of justice, those will be easier indictments to get, but much harder to prove than the outing of a CIA Agent. But even the more likely of indictments will still hurt Republicans.

Sad. But what else does the Left have? They have the Media and the ability to control and shape public opinion... A dangerous weapon in the hands of Fanatics.
Thank God I have a radio and a computer. How else would I get reliable information?
You know, as vicious as things have gotten over at the Times, I wonder if maybe something's up, criminally, there.
The way Dowdy-Girl and the rest of them are treating Miller, it almost seems they are trying to separate the paper from the reporter.
Did you notice my use of "X-Mas"? I wouldn't want to offend any left-wing-wacko-crybaby-atheist!
Thank Goodness! I didn't want to think you hated christmas!
Why is it always about the pejoratives you with you guys? All of a sudden when the rule of law is concerned most of the Republicans turn into hypocrites, so it's good to see that you do have some scruples after all. Let's see how well you stand by the law over politics in these weeks and months to come.

As for the 'wackos,' I believe both parties have them. Rove himself is a wacko and proved so by claiming "Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers" while "conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared for war."

Pure bullshit from a right wing "wacko," wouldn't you say? If you were truly objective and non-partisan then you'd call them out on both sides, no matter how ridiculous and outrageous their statements are.
Rove was right on the freaking number, Cuke! I don't know if you actually read what I said, but I believe if these guys broke the law they should be NAILED!

Because I KNOW that going to war in Iraq was the RIGHT thing to do, anything within the law that the administration did to negate the treacherous sabotage of leftists-without-a-plan was heroic!

Go wipe the foam from your rabid mouth, General.
Wow. Aren't you the paragon of civil and rational discourse?

I already gave you kudos for stating that you would apply the law equally across the board, and you start getting all hostile and belligerent?

Seems to me that you're the one who's in need of the rabies shot, sir.
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