Saturday, October 01, 2005


William Bennett Pulls a "Howard Cosell"

So, during Bill Bennett's radio Broadcast, Morning in America", he said that he knew "for a fact" the crime rate in this country would go down if......every black baby in america was aborted.
Kinda reminiscent of Howard Cosell's famous "Look at that little monkey run" comment that branded him a racist. I don't know if Bill Bennett is a racist or not, but I do know he's a freaking idiot for saying what he said on a national radio broadcast. Some things you just can't say-however true you may think your statement is or even how true it actually is.
It's amusing to think he could actually have let a stupid comment like that slip out when his party is already on the ropes from questionable legal charges against its leadership.
Many may think that the Republican party is self-destructing, and in a way, I believe that, as well. However, I don't think the Democrats will be able to capitalize on the Republicans goofs because their party is living on a diet of Bush-hatred-it's their only sustenance. Like manna from heaven, they are collecting the daily bread handed down to them by their Republican foes on high.
I think that the Republicans are experiencing some level of revelation. People are realizing, finally, that there is not much difference in the policies of both political parties. I think that's good for the Republican party. It means that the left-leaning big spenders who hide behind their Republican label are having a light shone on their deceptive motives.
The American people are seeing the worst of both parties. That's good for America and Americans. When the vote is cast in the '06 mid-terms, I'm looking forward to the biggest overturn, ever!
There may even be room for another party or two when the dust settles leading up to the "08 presidential elections.
That is GOOD for America! So.......a good "morning in America" is on the horizon.

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