Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Angela Merkel, Chuck Schumer and Air America

Seems a little strange to see these three names grouped together, doesn't it? It begs the question: "What do these three have in common?".

The answer? Angela Merkel, the new German Chancellor who won her seat in large part due to her pro-America stance, has barely been mentioned in the MSM. Chuck Schumer, the New York Senator who has staff members under investigation for illegally obtaining a credit report and using it to glean information to attack one of their boss's political opponents, has not been taken to task by the MSM. Air America, the anti-American leftist radio network that cannot support itself and has started begging for money PBS-style and has been caught in a scheme which diverted federal money from a city program for kids to lend to the struggling station has not been covered in the MSM.

And the leftist jerks want the American people to believe that the MSM isn't biased-what a freaking joke!

Why should Air America be in the MSM? It's not like anybody listens to it.

Is that an appropriate response?

The MSM built them up-they aren't covering their demise. Why is that, i wonder?
Because it isn't exciting. Just like "Mad cow disease in the US!" was covered a lot more than "oh by the way, they fixed it so...stop worrying now."
Over half the country would be cheering the TV set during every story if they put Randy and her America-hater colleagues in their place.
The NY Times would actually sell some papers to conservatives if they would cover this story as they should.
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