Thursday, October 06, 2005


Fighting Islamic Terrorists-Razorback Style

In the flavor of my original post on this theme, I have to offer another piggy of an idea.
For the last year or so, I have been catching "Off to War", a reality series following the Arkansas Guard troops mobilized and put into action in Iraq. I have a great Idea that will boost their morale and their stature in sight of the enemy!

First, a perimeter should be set up around their bivouac and double-fenced. This would provide an area which could double as a pig-pen. This would provide real "hillbilly armor" to protect the troops while not on duty.

Secondly, the armorer from each unit should be required to apply the grease from pork-chops to the tip of each round of ammunition in his inventory. Signs should be posted in mission areas that read: "Terrorists Beware-U.S. Forces armed with swine-tipped Ammo. Fight at the risk of having promises revoked!"

Lastly, each Arkansas Guard unit's uniform must include the much-loved Razorback in the form of a subdued red patch. This would give a mighty advantage to the boys (and gals) of the Natural State!


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