Monday, October 03, 2005


Wooooo-PIG-SooOOOOie!-A Hillbilly Battle-Cry In The War Against Terror

Political Correctness at its worst, anything having to do with pigs, in merry old England, are to be removed or covered so as not to offend Muslims. Even Piglet, the little pink character of "Winnie the Pooh" fame has been given notice that he may not be welcome, anymore, in British society. We welcome the little swine here in my home state.

Maybe....just maybe....hillbillies like me and mine have a aura of protection around our state. It is difficult to drive very far without seeing a determined member of the order of swine portrayed somewhere. There may be flags bearing the image of the "dreaded" evil boar-or , most likely, a dozen license plate tags one might see in a mile of travel. No visitor to the great state of Arkansas can enter any residence without the risk of being confronted with a steam breathing red hog on someone's wall, carpet or bean-bag chair.

I feel safe from terror as a hillbilly citizen of the state whose residents share a deep admiration and reverence for the image of a hog.

Woooo-PIG SoooOOOOie! Razorbacks. We may not be winning anything in sports but the image of "Big Red" we hold dear is keeping our Islamic fundamentalist enemies at bay!

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