Saturday, October 22, 2005


Patriotism Quiz-Question #2

Does news of further U.S. Military deaths in Iraq and elswhere in the world give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside?

Apparently there are many who would answer YES!

Thanks for the tip, Alday!

That link is amusing... especially the phrase, "Wage Peace." To wage anything is to expect a cost or price attached to what is being waged. When we wage war we instinctively understand and accept the inherent costs in what is being waged, which is lives lost.

Interestingly, to "wage peace" requires the very same cost... in lives. Think about it... Any peace-monger who lost his or her life in the pursuit of peace, would be lauded as a hero to the cause. So how is this any different than what our soldier-heroes, who have willing put themselves in harms way, have done... at the cost of their own lives?

The "Peace-nik" Coalition's entire platform-- especially under the banner of "Wage Peace, Not War" --is held together by spit and tissue. Hardly a defensible position.

I will grant that my argument is purely semantic, but it is nonetheless a valid point.
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