Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Our "friend", British MP George Galloway, is back in the news! He has been accused by Senator Norm Coleman's committee for a variety of crimes regarding the UN oil-for-food scandal. He denies the charges, of course, in his usual blow-hard style.
I wrote a little about his debate with Christopher Hitchens a few weeks ago. His attitude and rhetoric are much like those of his arab business buddies. It makes me wonder if he doesn't get his marching orders from radical islam. He seems to be trying to draw attention away from his own treachery and harmful language by accusing the United States of rediculously trivial unsubstantiated crap-just as his terrorist-minded pals do in the mid-east.
How can any patriotic American give creedence to such an obvious agent of an enemy that is anything but credible?
From what I've heard, people like Don Imus can't wait to see Karl Rove marched across the whitehouse lawn in cuffs-I can't wait to see the treacherous Galloway done likewise. Maybe we'll get footage of a US soldier pulling him out of an 18 inch hole where he was hiding from justice ...like his confidant, Sadaam Hussein!

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