Thursday, October 27, 2005


Revelations, Manifestations....Things That Make You Go..."Eh?"

I remember following a story out of the northeast about ten years ago that covered an image of Christ which had began to grow on a masonry wall outside of a church. After the faint image was discovered it continued to sharpen into a miraculous likeness of the Saviour. People flocked to see the heavenly phenomenon. News outlets took pictures and video-tape footage. Crowds came to ooh and ahh at the revelation! If I remember correctly (and yes, it is a true story carried for days by the MSM)it rained heavily one day during the period while all this was going on and the whitewash covering the miracle wall washed off in many places. One of those places happened to be where a poster advertising a Willie Nelson concert had been attached to the wall.
You guessed it-the MSM covered miraculous manifestation of Jesus Christ. Only a lonesome stranger.
What brought that little memory to the forefront of my thinker was this!

People are so desperate to believe in something... anything, so long as it isn't the real Christ. Remember last year-- not sure where exactly --when someone painted over the blessed virgin Mary? How outraged everyone was? I'm reminded of that verse about swallowing camels and straining at gnats. It's easier to believe the ridiculous. But then, Willie looks the part, don't he? Just kiddin'!
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