Friday, October 07, 2005


Harriet Miers And The Extremists

I keep hearing people say that it is the "extreme right" that is in opposition of the Harriet Miers nomination to the SC. I've not seen it. Who I see in oppositon are people who despise Christianity. They are those who love the opportunities that capitalism brings but hate the thought of someone with moral Christian values having any say in governance. Liberal Capitalists who call themselves Libertarian are removing their clothes for the rest of America to see.
I've stated, before, that I'm alarmed at how many who call themselves libertarians seem to have coddled up next to those who are immoral liberals. As in most cases, I was right.
Liberals are loving this apparent fracture in Republican ranks, but what they don't understand is that those who are truly reasonable conservatives don't vote according to party affiliations-they vote for candidates, regardless of party, who agree with their moral standards. Conservatives have never depended on the "big tent" philosophy which welcomes anyone from child-molesters to homosexual perverts to those who refuse to recognize the rights of our most vulnerable citizens-the unborn. The truth, as I see it, shows that liberals and "capitalist liberals" (immoral, God-despising "libertarians") both oppose Harriet Miers-not because she isn't qualified, as they claim, but because they fear the moral wisdom she is most likely to bring to the highest court in the land!
I see what the media has termed the "extreme right"-James Dobson, etc.-supporting this nomination. Any moral American should be very wary of those who oppose the president's choice-they are most likely working hard to remove Christian values from our great nation's moral fabric-a dangerous game, indeed!
What the liberal circus wants is for people who have Christian morals to be silent-even censored. That makes this old hillbilly red-in-the-face!

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