Wednesday, October 05, 2005



I'm a Christian. Not only am I a Christian, but I'm a Baptist. To top those two apprently "bad" qualities, I'm an Independent Baptist-probably the most "evil" type of Christian there is according to god-hating atheists who want to have a monopoly on American ideals and morality.
Watching "Washington Journal" on C-SPAN, this morning, I've come to the conclusion that soon my religious beliefs may exclude me from participating in government or even expressing my views toward government. Heck, one day I may not even be able to vote because I don't adhere to humanistic thought. Instead, I may one day live in a country where the rule of law is determined by man's wisdom and whim rather than God's morality and justice. Hell, I already DO live in a country where that is true! It's scary. When Christian morality is determined "un-American-I hope it isn't-America will cease to be.
The thing is-I'll still be an American. Those who disenfranchise me will transform themselves into citizens of new nation-one which places its faith in the wisdom of man as opposed to the perfect wisdom of God. That's the most un-American position possible.
To listen to these intolerant haters-of-anything-moral, I don't have a right to allow my convictions or beliefs determine my political views. However, to them, it is quite appropriate that all policies of our government should be determined by the flawed, selfish wisdom of man.
What standards do they have? Where does their morality come from? It comes from selfish motivations driven by greed, a need to be determiners of their own fate (sorry-that's impossible, atheist!), and hatred for any central authority over morality.
Our country is in trouble when amoral individuals who champion personal rights over moral responsibility are actively trying to disenfranchise the heart and soul of our great nation-those who revere the wisdom of God's moral compass.

But maybe there is still hope!

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