Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Maureen Dowd-Killing The Competition....At Home!

Judith Miller has made a mistake. She has gone back to the womb which spawned her (The New York Times). It could mean the end of her life as a journalist....at least at the "Times", anyway.

I was reminded, as I read the harsh criticism and accusations by her colleagues-especially Ms. Dowd-about a segment I viewed a few days ago on the "National Geographic" cable channel. The show featured "amazing" "extreme" videos and a warning was given preceding the mentioned segment that said: "If you have a weak stomach you may want to turn away from the TV set!" They showed endoscope footage of a juvenile in the womb of its mother eliminating its competition! The lone sharkling ruled its mother's womb and fed on the carcasses of it's siblings.

A feeding frenzy in the womb-a fitting comparison for what's happening at the "Times"!

Every now and then Ms. Dowd gets it right, despite being a leftist.

And as far as I know she's the only Hottie the left has.
Hah! I agree, El! Kinda like a spoiled gallon jug of milk-looks good until you open it up and begin to pur out its contents.
But it looks good on the outside. I didn't say anything about how it might taste. LOL
LOL! I must confess-I have started giving Maureen a little time each week because whenever I do I get a flock of visitors. They may not stay long, but when they see the name of this blog they just can't resist taking a peek!
It works!
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