Sunday, October 16, 2005


Fall Flowers-Jumbo Style

An afternoon's drive through one of my favorite backroads resulted in a few more images of colorful wildflowers of our region. Cheap digital cameras and abundant afternoon sunlight don't make for great pictures. I'm sharing them, anyway. Our ride, today, was down old Jumbo Road.

A friend and I have been discussing starting a blog about our area of the Ozarks. We plan to focus on Izard County and feature notable sights in the counties around us. This part of the Ozarks is still somewhat open country-but changing rapidly. Our plan is to feature known sights as well as amazing gifts of nature God has provided us with up here in our beloved hills.

In the past five years or so, the scenic highways in our county have attracted a species of tourist that uses two-wheeled vehicles for transportation. It is not uncommon to have groups of twenty bikers thunder their way over the hills and through the hollows, here in Izard county. We hope to offer an isider's guide to our wonderful homeland.

Until then, I intend to post some of the images I capture on my little Vivitar!


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