Sunday, October 30, 2005


Autumn In The Ozarks-Sunday Drive

Went for a ride today. One of the most scenic highways in the state, State Highway 9, runs from our little town to the White River at Sylamore, Arkansas. Along the way there are several scenic pull-offs where panoramic views of the hills and valleys can be viewed. As I've mentioned before, for the past few years this road has attracted motorcyclists and pleasure-seekers who come to enjoy the wonderful views-especially during the fall of the year. What many of these people don't know is that there are many interesting sites to see just off the beaten path. The cave I have shown here is what we locals call "The Clay Cave". Generations of Izard County youth have explored the depths of this cave which extends several hundred yards underground and is loaded with visual delights. The cave is less than a quarter mile down the highway from one of the scenic overlooks and-believe it or not-only a few yards from the highway! Untold numbers of sight-seers, I'm sure, have driven past this geological delight without knowing it was there.
A friend and I will be starting a site, soon, so we can let anyone who's interested know where some of the unique locations are in our county.

I spent a summer back in '79 in Prescott, just north of Hope. Was stringing cable in the hot blazing Arkansas summer sun. Lost 50 lbs. that summer. What a nasty little place that was. Your neck of the woods looks much better.

My Aunt and Uncle are buried in Prescott. Visiting them is the only reason I can imagine ever going back. I would like to go to that diamond mine/dig again. Didn't find anything the first time, and probably woudn't find anything a second time.

One of these days I'm going to get back out that way. I've never been further west than Texarkana/Hope-- unless Houston and Corpus Cristi count...Crew Boats, Oil Rigs --and ah needs ta remedy thet. I've got to get out of Alabama.
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