Friday, October 14, 2005


Presidential Corruption

I watch C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" regularly. I'm sickened by the constant ranting of the left about George W. Bush as being "the most corrupt" president in history. This morning, I finally decided to revisit the record of the left's most esteemed president in history, Bill (Slick Willy) Clinton.

On Bush's "scripted" chat with U.S. troops in Iraq, yesterday, I was reminded of a clip of Clinton walking away from the memorial service for one of his cabinet members, Ron Brown. Do you remember Ron Brown? As Clinton was walking away, he was laughing and joking with another official until he noticed a reporter's camera trained on him. His face immediately went from a countenance of mirth to mourning. There are real questions about the plane crash that resulted in the deaths of Ron Brown and others who may have been targeted for death by the Clinton administration.

I was reminded of the lies concerning his irresponsible behaviour in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky.

I was reminded of Vince Foster's "suicide".

I was reminded of document shredding by Hillary's aides.

I was reminded of the "Whitewater" scandal.

I was reminded of rumours of drug use and abuse among the Whitehouse staff and administration officials.

I was reminded of Goerge Stephonopolis' arrest for DWI.

I was reminded of the questions surrounding the Murrah Federal Building bombing.

I was reminded of the swirl of death affecting many in Arkansas who had knowledge of Clinton's questionable activities while the governor of Arkansas.

I was reminded about the "accidental" bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia.

I was reminded that Saddam Hussein was allowed to go about his business of terror and saber-rattling during the Clinton administration.

I was reminded that Louis Freeh, Clinton's FBI head, has just released a book which is very critical of Clinton and his policies.

I could go on and on. It amuses me to hear these uninformed, biased ideologues bashing Bush while they revere an immoral, corrupt president like Clinton.

Here's a link to get the feel of what I'm saying.

Here's another.

Thank you for the laundry list of CLinton misfires. Rarely have I seen all of the irrelevant tangents and crazy conspiracies all in one place.
Misfires....that's funny considering the swirling accusations that Republicans have already been tried and convicted for by the Bush-hating left.

If you ever get a chance, watch the PBS "Frontline" coverage of the Ron Brown plane crash. It leaves one believing that Ron Brown, along with several others, were purposely grouped together on the flight that mysteriously went down.

BTW, Ian, it's not a complete list.
President Clinton didn't have time to be a great president. From almost the moment he entered office he had one scandal after another to deal with.

All the criticism President Bush has received, and is still receiving is, for the most part, a twisted "Tit for Tat" campaign waged by the angry left. Some of Bush's criticism is surely justified, but the Left is for the most part, blinded by their hatred of the right for being so mean to their man Clinton. Nevermind the fact that Clinton brought it all on himself.

I'm reminded of the metaphorical picture of a pig in a dress... however it's dressed it's still a pig. In like manner, whatever the man is; his character, which in turn speaks to his values, and his integrity, he is still the same man he was prior to whatever mantle he puts on... or the position he steps into. That was Clinton's problem, he thought the title of "President" somehow mitigated the flaws in his character.

Bush's biggest flaw, if it can be said to be a flaw at all, is his stumbling speech. And that, I believe, is the source of most of the scorn heaped upon him since he first ran for the office he now holds. And now everything bit of invective heaved his way is connected in no small part to that source... as evidenced by the Left's rhetoric during the last campaign.
Wow, Elashley-good comment! Thanks!
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