Thursday, October 20, 2005


Goodbye, Old Friend! (Busch Stadium)

After the St. Louis Cardinals defeat in game 6 of the NLCS, I'm saddened. Not so much by the loss of the game, but because the loss of a good friend-Busch Stadium!

I'll never understand why such a great stadium has to be destroyed to make way for a new one. The Last time I was there (two years ago) it was just as perfect a place to watch the greatest game on earth as it was the time previous. Whenever I had the pleasure of sitting in the stands of this great venue, I felt as if I were home.

The Cardinal fans are great! This is evidenced by the post-game chant from the stands encouraging the NLCS champions, the Houston Astros, as they continue on to the World Championship! I have confidence that the new stadium will offer the same sort of comfort, but it will take some getting used to! At least the awesome fandom will be unchanged.

Thanks,Busch, for the decades of satisfaction you have brought to the fans of the game and the team you have served so very well!

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