Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Ronnie Earl-This Guy Is....Good?

He tees it up. Walking around to a point behind the ball, he stares at his target down the fairway and lines up the shot. He returns to the teed ball and takes a set-up stance-waving the club before him in his pre-shot routine. Then he backs off....looking back down the fairway as if to make sure his target is still there.

He repeats this routine, not once, but twice-for a total of three before he swings his political driver and smacks the indictment down the manicured fairway towards the green. The marshall, who was moving toward the savvy player to tell him he would drop a shot for DELAYing play, stops his forward progress and steps back into the crowd.

The ball (indictment) soars through the crisp afternoon air and slices off into the trees-probably out-of-bounds. Ronnie Earl, a veteran of the game, watches the ball out of sight, turns red in the face and says: "I'm taking a Mulligan, dammit!"


The ball, from it's contact with the club-head, begins slicing towards the trees, yet again. The clubsman watches in disgust and hopes that it hits a tree before going out-of-bounds and kicks towards the fairway. His caddie hasn't told him that there is a pond just beyond the oaks, however.

except for the fact, you know, that earle has never shown a bias towards republicans, he doesn't do the actual indicting, a grand jury does, and the indictments all seem to be based in solid evidence...you're right.
"all seem based on solid evidence"?

That's just plain dumb!
The FACT is, every person he has persued has been a political enemy-regardless of party.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson-solid evidence?

Delay's indictment-solid evidence?

Quit listening to the hopeful, hateful lies of Democrats!
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