Monday, October 24, 2005


"Evolution" VS "Intelligent Design"

Here's some good conversation about the ID/Natural Selection debate. It's funny how the "brains" of the world-"scientists"-seem to have a mental block when it comes to accurately describing their approach to the subject of "evolution". It is obvious to antone with any intellect at all, that those who accept "evolution" as the explanation of human origins is relying on therie own FAITH.

"Evolution"-there's no proof for it.

"Evolution"-takes a greater act of faith in its acceptance.

"Creation"-observable through nature and a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with the creator (something "accepted science" rejects out of unfamiliarity).

Since you're an expert on evolution, here's a position you can apply for:

Department of Biology
Indiana University, Bloomington IN

Postdoctoral / Research Associate Position in the Evolution of Bacterial Interactions

We are seeking a motivated individual with expertise in microbiology for a new project evaluating the role of pathogen relatedness on host exploitation and virulence evolution. This project is a collaboration between Curt Lively and Farrah Bashey ( ) that integrates strategic modeling with laboratory experimentation.

Steinernema carpocapsae is an insect-parasitic nematode that has a mutualistic relationship with the bacterium Xenorhabdus nematophila. For the last year, we have been using an experimental evolution approach to test the effect of parasite relatedness on the evolution of host exploitation. To date, we have been focusing on the evolutionary responses of the nematode; however, in the next year we will expand our work to assess the evolutionary responses of the bacteria. The immediate aims involve testing our experimental strains as well as all available Xenorhabdus strains for variation in sensitivity and production of bacteriocins. The candidate would be responsible for setting up our laboratory to run these assays; consequently, the position suits candidates with a strong background in microbiology that have good organizational and trouble-shooting abilities. Additionally, we are hoping for a candidate with skills in molecular biology that have the creativity to be involved in future experiments focusing on the dynamics of virulence evolution.

This position provides an exciting opportunity to join a highly interactive lab and to train in evolutionary biology. The research environment at IUB is outstanding ( and the successful candidate will be able to participate in all the scholarly activities of the Department as well as attend conferences, prepare manuscripts and contribute to grant applications.

The position is currently funded for one year starting January 1, 2006. We are primarily interested in candidates with a Ph.D. degree in microbiology with an interest in evolutionary biology; however, we will consider experienced applicants without a Ph.D. If you are interested, please email the Personnel Manager ( with a CV, statement of research interests, and the names, phone numbers and email addresses of three references. Please direct all inquiries about the position to Curt Lively (
Sorry, I'm not a microbiologist and I already have the answer to the "evolution" question.

I wonder when this department will release the news it has created one form of life from another completely different form of life. I uess, as long as they can lure gullible god-rejectors into their faith they will continue this sort of thing.
Ahh, so God talks to you. That makes it easy. Forget logic. Forget all that silly book learning. By God, you believe something, therefore it must be true.

Faith... unencumbered by the thought process.
No, I experience God-every day of my life. You can't have done and believe the "evolution" myth.
Hmm, seems like there's another anonymous out there. I better pick a username....

That link didn't work, anonymous #2.
Oh, one point I'd like to ask D. Elrod about. Do you realize that you believe in the power of evolution to a much greater degree than evolutionary biologists?

That's right- because you believe that all of the incredible diversity in the human species arose in just a few thousand years. All the genetic diversity, all the different facial features, skin colors... that's an awful lot of diversification to have happened in a few hundred generations since Adam and Eve.

Same goes for the Ark. Two of every species, until the ark is full. But we now know of so many distinct species that not even hundreds of arks could have held them all. So all the species diversity we see today evolved in an incredibly short period from those few ancestors on the ark.

Even the genetic diversity found within your average species couldn't have arisen in such a short time, unless you believe far more in the transformative power of evolution than I do.
You forget...or more likely deny the power of the Creator of the very laws that you abuse in order to justify the myth.
I disagree about the ark.

I believe that Adam was a MAN-not a baby-when he was created.

Why are there so many people who look so much alike? Diversity in Genetics can come pretty rapidly considering that each individual's genetic make-up is so radically different from another's.

Your arguments are okay for convincing those who don't feel like arguing the points you offer as evidence for your own faith. I prefer a simple explanation as opposed to a complicated one designed to confuse and overwhelm someone who doesn't care to come to their own conclusions about things.

I laughed when I read that "scienc" has found "many" missing-links. That's rediculous!
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