Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Rebekah Gould-Er....umm....Update?

Here's a recent article on the Rebekah Gould murder case. I say update, but in truth there is no more information than before. The caes is awaithing results from the "back-logged" Arkansas Crime Lab.

This young lady was brutally murdered and flung out of a vehicle onto the side of the highway-shouldn't some priority be put on the case? It seems that a stark increase in meth-labs are largely responsible for the backlog. I know that "crank" is a huge problem in Arkansas as well as the rest of the country but with the constant barrage we have from the MSM about "dead blonde girls", I wonder why a brutal murder doesn't take proirity.
Recently, at our local high-school, a white powdery substance was found in a small amount on a student and the local sheriff stated that it may be a year or more before the true identity of the substance was known due to a "back-log" at the state's crime-lab. He also stated that it is unlikely to be an illegal drug but is most likely a BC powder!
No wonder the crime-lab is backed up!
There are many people who want to know what happened to this young woman. They wonder if they or their own children are at risk. This case should be made a priority.
Where is the MSM on this story-I guess they don't care about us hillbillies!

This is my cousin, and I am sooo glad you wrote this! We have tried and tried and tried to get them to push this, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get anything from them! I hope you keep up bloggint this.. The family really appreciates it, we need more of these to go out for the public to see!!!!!
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