Sunday, April 02, 2006


Larry and Shemp Do the Big-Easy (The New Stooges)

Last year I wrote a piece about the high-stepping comedy team I refer to as "The New Stooges". It seems Larry (Al Sharpton) and Shemp (Jesse Jackson) have led their flocks on a march to demand that everyone displaced by Katrina gets to vote--wherever they may now reside--normally at special satellite polling places around the country. One has to ask--knowing the comedy-team's opening theme music for their shows ("Three Blind Mice", wasn't it?)--if this is not a perfect example of the blind leading the blind.

Really, how many of those who have settled somewhere else or are still in transition from their plight would actually vote anyway?

2000 showed up for the march. Close to 250,000 are thought to still be "displaced" (I use quotes because one has to wonder how many of those folks have decided to reject the Big-Easy and start new, fresh lives elsewhere).

Bill Cosby was there imploring those that participated to reject the murdering drug-dealin culture that existed there before the disaster happened.

At least there was one voice of reason in the crowd!

This is just a ploy by the stooge-brigade to create a situation enabling the left to manufacture illegitimate votes.

I wonder if Maureen Dowd was anywhere around? French Quarter, maybe?

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