Friday, April 07, 2006


Illegal Immigrant Deserves Citizenship!

I just watched a segment on The O'Rielly Factor about Claudia Muro, a nanny who spent two and a half years in jail over an accusation by the parents of the child she took care of based on a 4 frame per second surveillance camera--a "nanny cam" they call it, who was recently released.

This woman spent TWO-AND-A-HALF years behind bars for doing nothing but playing lovingly with this couple's child. The tape, only NOW having been reviewed by the prosecuters in the case, has proven that to be fact. When keeping in mind that the device only recorded FOUR FRAMES A SECOND, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this was nothing more than a childcare provider bonding with her charge--NOTHING MORE!


Now she faces immigration hearings after being released from jail. Her visa had expired when the dreamed-up incident occured.

If any illegal immigrant deserves a second chance, this is her!

The parents still believe the tape. They have refused to even review the analysis that prompted Claudia Muro's release from jail.

Shouldn't they be held responsible?

Shouldn't the "nanny cam" company, if it had marketed the system and also stood by the evidence in the case, be held responsible?

Shouldn't the state of Florida where the simple, clear truth was only uncovered after an innocent woman spent TWO-AND-A-HALF YEARS in jail--had her reputation stolen violently from her--be responsible?

The Media, yeah, you too, blogosphere, should be ASHAMED!

Here's the original story from the above linked source.

Shouldn't the WHOLE PROSECUTION TEAM--incompetent as they MUST be--be held responsible?

This is what the prosection had to say:"There just wasn't anything there to give us a reasonable expectation of securing a guilty verdict in court, which is what is required for us to proceed,"--Ron Ishoy, California State Attourney's office.

TWO-AND-A-HALF FREAKING YEARS? They just NOW decide that?

It doesn't really matter, I guess. The prosecutor in this case is not worthy of his job. He should resign in disgrace. But I'd really like to know--I wonder-- what party affiliation this prosecutor has? I guess it would be easy enough to find.

This woman had entered the U.S. legally even though her visa had expired. She should at LEAST be first in congress' "front of the line"!

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