Saturday, April 01, 2006


Hollywood's New Weapon of Choice!

Forget gun-control! Cell-phone control may be a better platform for the left to use during the coming election season. Recent months brought evidence of a growing new trend among the leftist Hollywood elite! First Russell Crowe and now Naomi Campbell (third time, actually) find themselves in big trouble for assaulting someone with a cell-phone. Naomi beat her domestic worker with her cell-phone using it like a small club. Russell turned his communicator into a missle which he launched across the room at a member of the "media".

Should Sarah Brady be calling for demonstrations supporting some sort of waiting period for cell-phones? Hmmmm..............

I mean--THINK about it! Cell-phones are used for terrorist activities. Cell-phones are notoriosly used for drug transactions. Cell-phones are being used to detonate IED's in Iraq and could potentially be used for that purpose here in the states. Racist Democratic congress-people use them against Capitol Police for goodness sake!

Would this fall under the first or second amendment? One has to wonder!

There have been very few 2nd Amendment cases before the Supreme Court. The last case, over seventy years ago, held that the Second Amendment protected possession only of ordinary infantry weapons. I doubt cell phones fall in that category, so, no, they aren't protected.
First Amendment, then? Free-speech and all that?
Welllll...... considering terrorists do use them to detonate bombs, the cell phone becomes, by extension, part and parcel with the weapon. Should a cell be used to detonate a nuke, that cell then becomes a weapon of mass destruction.

Using Aristotelian Logic, anyone with a Cell Phone is therefore a terrorist.

Sooooo.... how can Dems claim there are no WMD's in Iraq? Let alone LA, New York, and every pissant burg in between. Which means, Osama bin Laden is right... America IS a nation of terrorists!
We may be on to something, guys!
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