Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Bob Parks HIts the Nail On It's Head

I've just listened to Bob Parks' most recent blog-cast on the immigration issue that is gripping the nation. He brings up a wonderful point that I have thought about writing about before but have yet to do. I'm doing it now.

The immigration problem America faces is really concentrated on our southern border with Mexico. Yes, I know there are illegals who cross the border to the north. Yes, I know that there are many who come into the country illegally by sea. The fact is that the vast percentage of the illegals in our country gained acces throught the soouthern border. The Americans who are witnessing and involuntarily supporting the invasion force coming from Mexico are those who live in the south. They live in the southern states which either border or are adjacent to states that border Mexico.

The point Bob Parks makes and of which I agree, is that there will never be any significant change until politicians in NORTHERN states experience the problems of these southern states brought on and perpetuated by the lack of enforcement of current laws and the flippant attitude of those who do not have to experience those problems in their own back yard.

I have a feeling that if Mexico bordered us to the north and Canada to the south, it would be the liberal shmucks in the north who would be crying "bloody murder" about the immigration PROBLEM.

Problem is, they don't see immigration as a problem.

Out of sight-out of mind.

I've said before, there are not any good answers to the immigration question. I doubt there ever will be. There are laws. Laws that have been broken. Laws that have not been enforced. That's where the real problem lies.

Thanks, Mr. Parks, for your great insight and your reasoned, patriotic voice!

I also agree with Mr. Parks. I live in Dallas, TX where the illegal immigrant problem is RAGING. I grew up in New Mexico 200 miles from the border, where half the town (literally 51%) was Hispanic, a grotesque majority here illegally. Bout time someone started talking about the problem!

Also, I liked your post on cell phone control. Dont give Sarah Brady any ideas. We already have key locks on our phones!
Cheers, Greatbeefalo.

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