Wednesday, April 05, 2006


American Imperialism--Cure For Illegal Immigration

Since globalization looks invincible, Americanization is the key to stopping illegal immigration problems worldwide.

Are you offended by that?

What other process would you prefer?



Perhaps, Francifization?

How about Africanization?

Then there is Argentinization.



Canadazation? Oh! I forgot! Canada has already been Americanized!

Really, what other kind of zation is the world flocking to now?

America is more the shining city on a hill today than it has ever been in it's past. That is the one single truth we can be sure of when we debate the problems we are having with illegal immigration.

America is and has always been a compassionate, welcoming nation. America has taken on the challenge of seeing that the world is a more fair and safe place for everyone--its our nature. The oppressed of the world know that. It's why they risk everything to get here.

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