Tuesday, April 04, 2006


American Idol and Kenny Rogers--Not a Perfect Match

Kenny Rogers was the song-coach this week on American Idol. I realize Mr. Rogers' contribution to music. I don't recognize his value as a producer, however.

All but a couple of the performances were flat and boring. All but those same two were bad song -choices. A third was acceptable.

Katherine McPhee will win, I've already went out on a limb--though only a little way--and predicted that.

She will be paired with Chris Daughtry--already predicted--for the final.

Elliot will be a close third and as his stage presence improves may prove my predictions--both of them--wrong.

In the mean-time, call the doctor! I'm burning up with McPheever!

Cause I'm....hot blooded, check it and see! Got McPheever of a hundred and three!

The best performance of the night was Elliot's rendition of Garth Brooks' "If Tomorrow Never Comes".

McPhee missed a perfect opportunity to really shine in this week's country theme by picking a Linda Rondstadt tune like "You're No Good" or "Blue Bayou". I hope Linda Ronstadt dawns on her sometime during the competition and she actulaay does one of those two songs. Tonight she sang a song entitled "Your Bringing Out the Elvis in Me". I'd never heard of it. She did it well. Her sexiness along with her awesome voice made it a good performance.

Chris Daughtry, though out of his element somewhat, managed to show that he has the skills and voice to slow it down and sing a pretty ballad.

I fear for Taylor Hicks this week. Of all the country songs suited for his voice and style, he chose to sing a John Denver hit. Not a wise choice at this point in the game.

Boring show this week. I think this may be the last season if things don't liven up a bit on the show.

Maybe they could have Barry Manilow back for a show. His instruction was brilliant. The show he coached was the best all around show I've been able to see during the Ameican Idol run. Mr. Rogers needs to perform, record, then go home and watch "Law and Order" or something.

What do you think?

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