Monday, March 20, 2006


What Do You Think About the USA? (International Call-In Segment [Washington Journal]

Well, I spent over an hour writing this piece. It had already been posted in full as written. It was displayed correctly on my blog. I get up this morning and my post is gone and it has been moved from when originally posted on Sunday morning to Monday.
Anyone else have mysterious things like this happen?

I fit in the international category and know what.. I LOVE USA and AMERICANS are real NICE people...

I love what ur country does for their friends (israel) and love it more for whooping saddams ass and givin em folks something to think bout...

I love GWB and i wish india had leaders that could do things and not talk!!

Hell i love it so much im studying in an american univ and will visit it in Aug and then again in march!

have a ncie day
Yes. Blogger has lost a few of my posts as well. Blogger, according to complaints I've read, has even deleted whole blogs and allowed others to steal the URL's.

If it continues, I may have to relocate my own blog. Blogger's free, so what's to complain about, right? Wrong. I'd rather pay 10$ a month to host my blog elsewhere than be subject to the petty, and often partisan whims of Blogger and Google.

Forgive me for not identifying myself; this kind of grumbling and Mumbling could be perceived as rebellion, and hurt my own blog.

Big Blogger is watching.
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