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What are the Latinos Up To?

All these protests about the pending border legislation-what the HELL is going on? Is this an invasion force? Are we to sit back and watch as these invaders who have no actual right to be in our country bully our government?
Remember the thousands of cars and all the damage caused by immigrants in France last year?
Remember the violent mobs erupting over cartoons?

I met a british family a couple of months ago on a weekend getaway with my better-half. I was stationed in the UK during Reagan's first term and I was curious about how things are over there.(I had gleaned from our conversation that he was clearly a Tory). He began to tell me how minorities--especially Muslims--have taken over their country. His wife, with her children at the breakfast table with us, actually told us she believes England is headed for civil war because of it. Minorities' rights trump those of native Britons.

If our leaders make being or aiding an illegal alien a felony...what are we going to see, then?

There's a lot of answers concerning illegal immigration. Unfortunately, there are not any that are very good ones.

This planet is in the midst of globalization. I don't believe that genie can be put back in the bottle.

Globalization is requiring quick assessment, planning, and implementation--I wonder if mankind is capable?

I doubt it!

Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

"This planet is in the midst of globalization"

...and it's been going on since the dawn of Mankind. Remember also that each generation remembers things differently. We tend to see the world only in terms of History we personally witness. Look at our history, what do we remember? WWII, Korea, JFK, Vietnam, Man going to the moon, 9/11...? These events are but blips on the larger radar screen of history.

Man has been spreading out across the globe since the beginning. Now that there's no where else to spread to, Man is beginning to mix it up even more; blurring the lines of border, custom, and nationality. People are beginning to see themselves not as simply American's or Germans, or Chinese, or Iraqi; they're beginning to see themselves as citizens of the world... Globalization.

God Scrambled the languages long ago to delay man's progression. Well, guess what? Language is no longer a barrier. And neither are borders.

We can't stop this, but we can try to get the best deal possible for all parties involved... including the illegals.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Let's annex Mexico!

And Canada! They're probably both ready for it!

( I a warhawk, or what?)

Things are changing. There are way too many people who don't realize how that change is accelerating at this particular time in history.
Progressivism needs conseravtism to keep the pace safe.

Even so,....
I understand where you're coming from, but is any philosophy going to keep us safe?

The days of wholesale invasion for the taking of new lands is over. That's not to say others won't try. Hell, Saddam tried, but look what happened to him. This pot is all but set; its shape fixed.

Looking at prophesy we see it hasn't changed much in 3-4,000 years. Syria is mentioned in the bible, and Damascus by name. Many "places" are still with us today... and not much has changed. We've become more technologically saavy, but look where that got us on August 6, 1945. We've been standing on the brink almost 61 years. Most people would disagree with that statement, but the fact is, nuclear weaponry hasn't gone away, neither has the threat of its use. People have simply become inured to any fear associated with that threat. They say, 'Oh, that happened a long time ago! Yes, it could happen today, but we can't spend our days worrying about it. It it happens, it happens...'

The problem is, it hasn't happened since 1945, and we've all grown complacent.

Use to be, our borders and oceans kept divergent ideologies within the confines of each culture's respective border, or sphere of influence. Not so anymore. Technology; communications, satellites, air-travel, internet... The language barrier is all but destroyed. And we see the result of the mixing of cultures today. Where I live, Indians (those folks from India, mind you) own convenient stores and motels. They're everywhere, and there's nothing wrong with that, but people forget that they were once strangers themselves in a very strange land; perhaps not they themselves, but their ancestors before them. I imagine Native American's felt pretty much the same as many American's today feel about the influx of new and alien cultures.

The Native American Philosophy of being one with nature wasn't capable of saving their way of life. And our culture and philosophy won't be any more capable.

I admit I don't care much for all the changes occuring almost daily in my neck of the woods. None of us, I'm afraid, are very good at change.

Tangentially, I work a second job in the mornings delivering flowers. It's pretty cool because rarely is anyone ever unhappy about getting flowers. This last week I had to collect some flowers at a funeral home that were part of an Indian/Hindu service... Apparently no one wanted to keep the flowers.

Retrieving those flowers got me to thinking... Here was a funeral home, a southern Christian funeral home, full of Indians who were not going to be able to immediately dispose of their loved ones ashes (for some reason Hindu's choose cremation over burial). They were strangers in a strange land. Someone was going to have to wait till their next yearly pilgrimage back to India before they could scatter their loved one's ashes in the river.

Early settlers here in America experienced the same thing; anyone who died here would never be buried next to generations of kinsman in their native land-- they would be buried in a strange new land. It has always been this way. We don't recognize it because we see everything through the years of our own personal experience. I can read about WWII, and know from the stories men and women who lived through that time tell... but it was before I was born. It has no personal relevance to me... Plenty of relational relevance, as members of my family fought and lived through those times, but for me... I think you get my point.

Change is coming. God is coming. There's nothing we can do about it. It is time to look up. And pray.

Sorry for sounding like a smarmy professor.
Do you mean a blow-hard preacher?

Kidding, El! You've got a great grasp of what's happening--most people don't, though.
LOL!!! Yes. I have been accused of being a blow hard...

At 40 I went back to college... still haven't finished... and I actually got called a "smarty pants" in my Western Civ class. Apparantly all my A's was an affront to him. What he failed to realize is I had 20 years on him. Twenty years of reading, and news-junkyism.

You're back in school, right? You undoubtedly know what I'm talking about.

I think the Dem's may be right on this immigration bill... the wholesale eviction of 11 million illegals is not a good idea. I personally like the idea of Amnesty, and giving illegals here now an opportunity to gain legal status. It would certainly stead the Republicans a favorable light in the Latino community. But I don't think we should allow these "Illegals" legal status without some sort of background check or sponsorship from employers or some such.

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"We got to get you more traffic here."

Tell me about it!

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