Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Sorry, Katrina Victims, I'll Not Be Helping During Spring-Break

I'm a college student now...well a junior college student, anyway. Many spring-breakers this year, thousands in fact, are volunteering their time and energy while sacrificing the good time they could have had a little farther right along the Gulf-coast.

I'll not be attending. If a victim asked me to help them clear some land out at a safe distance inland I might go...or at least praise those who do.

It's absolutely rediculous to help people rebuild their homes at the exact location where Katrina wiped them out, don't you think?

These "do-gooders" are contributing to higher insurance rates and future massive government bail-outs. I don't want to be a part of that.

Wow! I read what I wrote last night and some folks might think I'm a bit callous.
Really, I don't mean to be. I've helped people clean up after tornadoes in the past here in my own county--it's not that I don't feel compassion for those who have lost nearly everything they have to a natural disaster.
I just don't want to be held responsible or be EXPECTED to feel compassion for those who would go right back to the same place where the gulf...er...ummm..en-gulfed and destroyed their possesions in the first place!
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