Friday, March 24, 2006


Science of Revision

How many articles like this are we going to see in the coming millenia? How long until these people who put man's "wisdom" before God's wisdom realize that they're placing their bets on a losing hand? How many generations are going to be decieved by "accepted science" at the expense of morality and decency?
I am criticized and rediculed whenever I challenge "science" around the web. How can anyone trust "scientists" and "scientific" studies when they are so contradictory?

God-haters, why are there not any revisionist articles coming out debunking your faith in ameobas, apes, and the fabled Lucy? How long will it be before "accepted science" stops repressing truth?

"How long will it be before "accepted science" stops repressing truth?"

When hell freezes over. Oh wait...they don't believe in that, either!
That's okay, Hell believes in them.
You know, I'm just getting REALLY tired of being told how infallible the "scientific" approach is.

"Science" can't agree on any damn thing. "Science" changes daily. Man is freaking INSAAAAAaaaaane!
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