Saturday, March 11, 2006


Rediscovering Reggae!

Yesterday I went searching for an old tune on my PSP network. Remember "10 CC"? I found the song I was looking for plus one I had forgotten about (my Store-bought cassettes melted on the dashboard years ago). The song was "Dreadlock Holiday" or you may remember it as "I Don't Like Reggae". I downloaded it as well as the other and when I listened it inspired me to hunt for some real reggae bands I used to listen to often. A couple of the old Bob Marley songs turned into a playlist of several bands which includes my favorite--Black Uhuru!

I had forgotten how much fun reggae truly is. I love American Blues so my love of Reggae is only natural, I guess. Getup! Swing your arms! Walk in place!

America's problems could be solved if our government declared a week-long Reggae Festival. We would all come out united in ways we couldn't imagine!

Rasta, Mon!

Reggae's cool, but I can only take so much at a time, before getting bored. A fave of mine? Bob Marley's "Wait in Vain"... Annie Lennox does a fantastic cover of this as well.
"You rock right here and you rock over there, Sponji Reggae!

It's fun--but you're right, only so much at a time is endurable. But a week of jammin' would be fun, though.
Reggae, my best fake jamican accent fails me and I lose sight of the english language my teachers drilled in but Jah Man, it cool yea.

As for a week long reagge festival fixing problems ,... i dunno but if u have it bout the same time next year I could be there to join in!

Have a nice day
Warm regards
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