Thursday, March 23, 2006


The Planned Coup--America's Call To Action

This is disturbing. What would happen if the Democrats actually did win the house...or the Senate....or BOTH?
Would the pride I feel in my country for standing up to thugs and murderes be all in vain? Will I return to the loathing I felt for our national leadership during the last administration?
Oh my, will our war efforts resort to those of Mcnamara and Johnson?
Will our troops be met at their ports-of-entry with mindless hordes spitting on them and calling them "baby-killers"?

This is a call to arms, America. We must muster our resolve to defeat these clueless wearers of rose-colored glasses and insure that our sacrifices have not been wasted. We've got to let our troops know that their efforts are noble and a source of pride for our nation.

If we allow our government to be taken over by these people who put politics and social agendas before national security--if we let them lie and manipulate their way into the presidency AND the Congress, our country will never recover, I fear.

Our troops will come home from facing a cowardly enemy in humiliation and defeat. We cannot allow that to happen.

Lock and Load, America! This election requires us to be armed with truth. We must not allow the barrels of our weapons to cool! We must fight our domestic enemy which has been influenced by philosophies foriegn to our heritage with fierce determination!


My regards to ElAshley!

Bush was just nearby where I live giving a speech on the war. I hope he's able to overcome the media's campaign to turn America against him!

(Remember what the media did to Clarence Thomas? When America heard the whole story, i.e. the hearings, they sided with Thomas in the more than a year later, after the media put their spin on things, the polls turned the other I think Bush needs to give more of these speeches to combat the media)
I've been saying that for over a year. He also needs to make a connection with his larger constituency out in TV land by actually looking into the camera now and then.
I can't believe this administration can't get that.
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