Tuesday, March 21, 2006


LL Predicts!

This morning on "Washington Journal" as the host was going through newspaper stories, he read one where Al Gore said he has no plans to run for the presidency in '08. I don't believe it.

LL's prediction? Al Gore will be the Democratic nominee in the summer of '08.

Can you imagine a bumper sticker that reads: "Gore/Clinton '08"?

STOP IT!!!!!! You're scaring me!
I've watched a couple of his rallies in the past month or so. He seems to excite the crowds greatly. I really think he'll get into the race early next year and take the nomination.

Maybe this time we'll have a decisive, unquestionable victory against his candidacy (though I'm absolutely SURE there's little chance of an election going the Republican's without the left making some outrageous claim or other).
"He seems to excite the crowds greatly."

Yeah, much the same way Roman emperor's excited the crowds by throwing Christians to the lions. The man is rabid.

I wonder.... Does Gore play the fiddle?
To me, the question is: "Does he play the pipe like Peter?"
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