Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Listing Lurid Likeness (Our ) Enemies)

In light of the growing cries from the left comparing the President with Hitler, I think it would be good to list the similarities between the left and America's enemies.
I'm hoping you might list some of your own in the comments. I'll start it off with the latest revelation.

Today a Fox News reporter was ridiculed by the Iranian Ambassador when he asked the diplomat: "Why do you call the leaders in Washington, 'warmongers'"? Other reporters joined in laughter as the ambassador berated the reporter and his employer.

So, we now KNOW that the left in America are in line with one of our top threats. Is that revealing?

My kids and I stood out in the misting rain on Election Day '04 across the road from our town's main polling place with signs that read: "US Troops Support Bush, Alqaeda Supports Kerry, Which Do You Choose?" You may have seen the photo on the blog last year.
There are many more similarities. I'll let you have some fun with it.

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