Friday, March 17, 2006


Is The Truth Coming Out?

I've been noticing a phrase that seems to be catching hold among the anti-wa....I mean the anti-Bush left. You may have heard or read it as well. It is as follows:

" that the truth is coming out..."

I only discovered and began using the internet as a soap-box a little under two years ago. Along the way, as I voiced my own thoughts and opinions, I have repeatedly accused the left of distorting and politicizing every act of the present administration at the expense of the security and well-being of our nation.

Presently, liberals are basking gleefully in the shadow of poll numbers that show Dubya 's support at its lowest. They joyfully explain the polls as evidence that the "truth" is getting out.

Is it really?

What truth?

The "truth" at the forefront of Bush era liberal revisionism is the one that says the administration knew there were no WMDs in Iraq before the invasion. This is the "truth" that is coming out which is in support of the "truth" that says Bush misled the nation into war.

How about the torture "truth" that inflamed Iraqis and sparked an on-going season of beheadings and kid-nappings.

We must accept the "truth" that Iraq, under Sadaam Hussein, was not a threat to the US.

"Truthfully", Iraq did not encourage or take part in international terrorism against the west (including the USA).

Personally, my favorite "truth" is the one that says that the Iraqi people were better off under the rule of Hussein.

Here's a very interesting "truth": The Bush administration orchestrated the events of 9/11.

How about the "truth" that says that the NSA illegally eaves-dropped on American citizens.

A sobering "truth"--Bush is Hitler!

Then there is the "truth" that Iraq is inevitably headed for civil-war.

You remember the "truth" when Dan Rather and his crew exposed it on CBS during the '04 presidential campaign, don't you?

Then there is this "truth": Supporters of Bush's oil-war are glad to send other people's "children" off to fight but won't "send their own children".

We must not forget the "truth" that Dick Cheney attempted murder upon his friend on a Texas bird-hunt.

Recently I've read the "truth" touted concerning Iraqi civilians--women and children. It seems the children of Iraq are being murdered by the President of the United States of this here America!

George W. Bush caused hurricanes Katrina and Rita....and that's the "truth"!

It also seems that the "truth" is that America deserved the acts on 9/11.

We can't forget the "truth" of Casey Sheehan's "murder", can we?

A "truth that cannot be ignored: The Iraqi people don't want us there.

The "truth" is, George W. Bush invaded Iraq to avenge the assasination attempt by that country's leader on George H. W. Bush.

Here's the "truth": George Bush doesn't care about poor black people.

A major "truth" that has been revealed is the fact that the main-stream media is biased toward the right!

The honest "truth"? Maureen Dowd is a good journalist--so is Paul Krugman and Thomas Friedman.

You know what? I believe the TRUTH is coming out! Liberals will stop at nothing to have their immoral and irresponsible form of government forced upon reasonable, peace-loving, freedom-cherishing Americans.

It grieves me to see America putting stock in the "truth" of a left which not only lies, but lies in the act of accusing others of being liars.

If you have any more leftist "truths", please post them!

Okay, Okay!
I was being a little tough on Friedman. He has been doing some meaningful work investigating globalization and international sentiment.

NYT bias, I guess.
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