Sunday, March 26, 2006


How to Free the DNC's Captive Africa/America

Let's dispel the mythical world where Democrats are the friends of people of color.

Let's nominate a black man or woman for president!

Notice I did not say to nominate an "African/American". I don't want an "African/American as the leader of the free-world (can you imagine?).

If conservatives really wanted to shake things up and have them settle nicely in their favor, we would seek to nominate and elect a Black-American.

What would the rest of the world, caught in the politically correct web as it currently is, think about that?

What would having a pro-America, Pro- Life, Pro-God, Pro-gressive (true progressive, that is) leader of our nation do to the stranglehold the left has on blacks in this country?

Think of the implications!

Assuming you can find such an "American" who hasn't been brainwashed by the Democratic Party.
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