Wednesday, March 22, 2006


From One Extreme To The Other-Rant Turns To Rave!

Another night on The Fox Network. American Idol--Barry Manilow and Bye-Bye Chicken-Little (good luck, Kevin!)--followed by the newest cut-throat reality show, Unan1mous, proved to be interesting. I hadn't planned to watch this latest version of World Championship of Liars. However, when Kevin Covais' farewell croon was interrupted, I wasn't quite ready to get up and head to the bathroom, or get another Red Stripe out of the fridge so I sat there....and...watched it...Sigh!)

At first I thought it was just another run-of-the-mill revelation of man's unworthy condition, but as I can I say it...HOOKED!

Only 28 minutes aired of the experiment, but it was intense. The producers went to great lengths to pick the participants. The cast is complete with different ethnicities, women both pretty and not so much so, men, likewise, young and handsome , old and fat.Then there's the token fag (this one chubby and militant), and a middle-aged black lady who is a vocal Christian with a few pretty strange beliefs.

At first I was skeptical, of course. But as the show progressed and the complexity of the game became more clear--and I honestly cannot say it IS clear as yet--It became pretty intense.

Let me set the stage for those of you who didn't tune into the show. Nine people are taken underground to what the show is calling a "bunker". It looks like Dr. Evil's headquarters in one of the Austin Powers flicks. They are seated at a round table and told that they will be playing a game for 1.5 million bucks.

Sounded good to the lot of them--smiles all around.

By poll, they would have to unanimously choose who would win the prize--a player is not able to vote for his/herself.

Frowns and eyebrow-raising all around--some breaking into evil grins, the middle-aged black Christian zeaolot decided she would be fine because money didn't matter to her. She quoted the Bible, in fact, filthy mammon and all. A pretty, young blond said something like, "I just don't think I was built for this".

No-one can leave until a unan1mous decision is achieved.
If any person decides to leave the game, the money is immediately cut in half.

More eye-brow raising and large intakes of breathe.

Enjoy yourselves, you'll be voting in a little while.

Dazed, the nine milled around as if stunned. Then the fireworks started. Fag flaunted his sexuality with the usual disregard for others feelings militant fags tend to display, and vocal Christian Lady attacks! Before it was over, lolly-pop boy is in middle-aged black woman's face, towering over her (as much as a 5ft 6in or so robust frame can tower, anyway), finger jabbing. The lady made a drastic tactical mistake--she told him he would go to hell if he didn't repent of his gayness. Wrong move, wrong move, wrong move. She not only put herself in a bad position, but her inability to back her religious positions with logic produced the effect intended by the producers of the show--she gave ammo to mocking liberal secularists.

Let me say this. I've believed for decades that one day, probably in my lifetime, I would be witness to persecution of Christians in this world and in our nation. It's coming to pass, folks. There is a real effort by the determined left to demonize Christianity as most of us know it and attempt to weaken the power of Christ, himself.

Mind you, it doesn't scare me--quite the contrary, it excites me!

Getting back to Unan1mous--when the vote was made a few minutes later, it was, of course, not unan1mous. No-one was really surprised.

Now you'll vote someone out.

Eyebrows and all that!

Mr. Gay-Punk-and-Proud was hopeful.

This "vote" was not actually a vote but a box of envelopes containing secrets about the lives of every contestant. Some were bad, some not so bad. They would read three randomly and anonymously and were to choose which was the worst of the three. The indescretion's generator (contestant), if chosen as worst, would be eliminated from the game.

Gay-boy's heart visibly sank before the cameras. Middle-age lady preacher's eyes widen in apprehension! I laughed. We got a game goin on here, now!

Here's the three indescretions:

1) The contestant had filed bankruptcy with combined income of over $100,000.(Lady Zealot)

2) The contestant had been detained twice before for posessing live ammunition.

3)The contestant had served time in a mental institution.

The episode ended as the group was discussing the secrets and were about to pick the worst of the three. We'll have to wait til the next episode to find out, I guess.

I will be watching! This may prove pretty interesting.

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