Friday, March 03, 2006


Blogger Boycotts

I know this isn't an original idea. I'm sure I've heard of incidents where a large group of internet-users on one side of an issue has flooded a web-site in order to censor it somehow. What about a blog-based community doing the same thing on a smaller scale? Couldn't some of us link arms from time to time and go to specific blogs just to get our own message apart and hopefully piss-off the opposition a little?

It seems like it could be a powerful tactic to me. Even smaller groups with common ties in blog loyalties could have significant effect.

Any feedback?

Why not instead gather a select, though largish, collection of bloggers of a similar mind and purpose to work together on a single blog?

Each participant, brings input from multiple sources across the net, and via multiple-chat or email-tag choose various directions for postings; editing and adding to each others work for consistency, integrity, and a singleness of purpose.

It gets awfully noisy if 10,000 street preachers gather on one corner to shout out 10,000 different sermons. Imagine a choir of 10,000 each trying to sing a different Hymn. Imagine now that same choir working together on a single piece of music.

The old media is dying... Is the Blogosphere the heir-apparent to Old Media? Are we 10,000 individual preachers with 10,000 individual messages? Or do we band together to create something with the above-described Singleness of Purpose?

How did Reuters, or the Associated Press begin?

Where is the Blogosphere going?

Everyone wants to be the Next Michelle Malkin. But no one, it seems, wants to be part of the next Reuters.
The keyboard and it's attachments is a powerfool tool.

My point, I guess, was that a few people could stir things up and let circle-jerks around the web know that they're not going to get a free ride with their insanity.
We and however many tens of others we convince, would be but motes of dust in a twister. But every little bit helps, as evidenced by the fact that Liberalism is dying... albeit slowly, but it is dying nonetheless.

Take heart; all is not lost. It is in fact within our grasp.
Elashly said it eloquently when he gave the analogy of the choir bit, but i think it would be nice to link to people to post their views on an issue and then work towards uniting the efforts to pissin off the opposition or whatever it is.

By 10,000 different views we get 10,000 different angles to s atiry and it throws up more ideas and eventually someone can condense all the articles and have it posted on his/her site and link to the contributors who could do the same. This would keep the issue alive and a lot more people involved in it

have a nice day
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