Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Barry Manilow-A Real Class-Act!

This week's "American Idol" featured music from the fifties arranged by the great Barry Manilow.

As an eleven year-old, I loved listening to "Mandy". I can remember listening to his music a lot as a teenager. By the time I got to be a junior in high-school, however, I had become a die-hard rocker. I began to loathe his music--as good as it was.

When I was stationed in the UK in my early twenties, I can remember watching one of his concerts on whichever BBC station was showing it (The Brits ADORE him). This was around the time AIDS was first being publicized and also when it was well-known Barry Manilow was gay. I despised him even more, while admitting that I really enjoyed the concert. It WAS a good show as evidenced by my remembering it these many years later.

For some reason I thought I had heard he had died of AIDS back in the mid to late eighties. For years I was under, I guess? Then, to my great surprise, a few years ago I saw him interviewed on one of the morning shows.
I was shocked!

Over the years, I've realized how stupid I was to have dismissed his talent because of what I thought of him as a man. Even when I thought he was dead and buried. I'm glad he's still around.

The interview I saw made me realize what a great artist and professional this guy is and has always been. The segments on "American Idol" showing his leadership and insight while dealing with these budding artists made the whole show worth watching! I can say, after watching the full season from last year and parts of the previous seasons, last night's show was overall the best show, musically, I have seen. I'm sure it was because of Mr. Manilow.

He's a class act--there is no doubt! Thanks, Barry for the songs you write that make the whole world sing! He may be a pervert, but the man is a genius!

I'm looking forward to his performance on the elimination episode tonight.

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