Monday, January 16, 2006


Yes, LL Lives!

A new year has begun and for me a new phase of my life. Though I never intended it to happen until recently, I am attending our local Community College. I'm taking a full schedule so between classes, studying, and taking care of the fatherly and husbandly thingies, I should be able to blog a little more.

I haven't decided, yet, what I'll end up majoring in. Computer technology seems to be drawing me towards it therefore I've taken a couple of Geographic Information Systems related courses. I hope to keep my options open to possibly teach in the future.

Washington seems to have been continuing to spin out of control. I've just about got tired of paying attention to it all...but not quite. It's too damn intriguing!

I'm looking forward to exchanging thoughts with some of you, again.

Elrod! Was beginning to wonder if you'd dropped off the map for good. But I don't guess Ahmadinejad's interested in wiping the liberal Loather off the map, eh?
Hey LL...haystack here from hickpolitics
good to finally find your blog. been away myself workin on another

I am back home so to speak myself, and starting up again...I'm gonna linkback to your "new and improved" little clubhouse here, and hope to hear more from ya soon.

get the college thing done'll be good for ya
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