Friday, September 23, 2005


Washington Journal-Hillbilly Wisdom

I've been watching a call-in segment on Washington Journal, this morning. Brain Lamb is hosting, and Jonah Goldberg, a conservative columnist is the guest. The discussion has been about Bush and his policies. One caller from North Carolina, a fellow-hillbilly judging from his deep southern accent, made a wonderfully delicious quote referencing Dubya's "compassionate conservative" record.
He said: "Most of these folks would rather be PROMISED something by Democrats than GIVEN something by Republicans."

How utterly true. This fact reveals the obvious insanity running through the left. These people have been so deceptive that they have decieved themselves.

George Bush, to my disappointment, has been the biggest spender on social programs of any president in at least a generation-maybe two!

Wake up, people! You leftist non-thinkers are not only destroying yourselves-you're ripping the heart and soul out of our great nation. I don't believe that peace can last in our streets for very much longer. I have faith in those who see America for what it is-a shining city on a hill! I have absolutely NO faith in anyone who bends to the left-Democrat OR Republican. The left sees this great nation as an embarassment. This divide, in my way of thinking, may never be eliminated.

The left can admit that mistakes have been made, that the country isn't perfect. The right would rather stick their fingers in their ears and refuse to consider anything of the sort.

You choose your side, I'll choose mine.
You mean like Howard Zinn's "The People's History"? The footnoteless "History" textbbook required by idiots who claim to be History professors across the country?

The only way a leftist will admit he/she is wrong is when confronted with evidence. These hurricanes have swept the multi-layered clothes off of congress-ESPECIALLY the left of congress . While the Republicans have been spending wildly in the past few years, the Democrats have been doing it since WWII! Americans see that.
The only reason Pulosi and the gang are trying to capitalize on the pork-spending thing is because the leadership of the left realizes that the people who have been depending on them have been bitterly disappointed. It's the right who has tried to convince people that they should rely on themselves rather than government.
The "safety net" that the left pretends to champion is in reality non-existent as displayed by the complete lack of concern for their constituency by leftist leaders such as Blanco and Nagin. If you think that those poor people in New Orleans don't RECOGNIZE that fact, you are miscalculating.
All the accusations the left has made against Bush's response to the disaster are off-set when those folks realize that the left who has been lying to them seem to place absolutely NO blame on the local and state leadership who left them stranded with no protection from criminals and the elements.
Nagin is too stupid to get it.
As evidenced by Governor Blanco's red-rimmed, mascara-smeared eyes-and her demeanor which was on the verge of tears during her latest press-conferences, she DOES get it.
There's no safety net for a hurricane. There is, however, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which fucked up big time, thanks to a talentless hack put there by Bush. Giving money to those who need it the least. Bush's cronyism has cost lives. There's no excuse for that.
If there had been a couple of ounces of competence in the state and local leadership-something the Feds count on-there would never have been such a crisis in the first place.
Kyle, why do you continue to avoid the obvious-Democratic leadership cannot be depended on in times of real crisis!
I've not read one admission of the lack of decision-making abilities by Nagin or Blank-o by you or your crowd-why is that?
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