Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Tony Blair-A Great Leader

I just watched the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, deliver a speech to his own Labour Party at its covention in Brighton. It was a brilliant speech delivered flawlessly and effectively. If George W. Bush had this man's speaking ability, his approval numbers would be the highest in history.
Mr. Blair has a good grasp of the whirlwind of change that his country and the rest of the world is experiencing. He stressed an important point about globalization-Britain's need to recognize opportunities and adapt to the changes. This is something that most Americans are ignorant of.
Many Americans don't realize what free-trade and the internet have brought upon us. It has forced us into a rapidly changing world that forces individuals into re-thinking those things taken for granted in Ameican society-immigration, law enforcement, social responsibility, etc. Most people's positions on these issues are forged from familiarity with the pre-free-trade and internet era. But in today's world, people must realize that adaptation is the key to navigating through the rapids of the river of change the world has been flooded with in the past few years.
Prime Minister Blair, while I disagree on many of his social programs (hey, it's their country-not mine), is right on when voicing his unpopular belief that Britain must remain the closest ally of the U.S.. He recognizes that the war against Islamic terrorism is both obligatory and neccesary. He knows the price if those who have committed themselves to the war effort suddenly succumb to the whining of those who don't understand.
Tony Blair is a great leader who will be remembered as such throughout the rest of human history. In the face of opposition, he stands firm and tall in the eyes of his political enemies-that's what leadership is.
George Bush has exhibited those qualities when it comes to terrorism, but has been week-at-the-knees concerning social and economical issues.
Mr. President, next time you're having tea with Mr. Blair, ask some advice!

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