Tuesday, September 27, 2005


No Shit, Sherlock-Better Check That Petition Closely!

Funny, funny, funny! The Dimocrats have announced they have a petition with 400,000 signatures collected by.....heh, heh, ....Moveon.org and ....err....umm....Democracy Now! The petition calls for an "Independent" Ivestigation into the Katrina response. They called the congressional hearings a "sham", yet Pulosi and company are in large part boycotting it. Great way to represent your side and glean info that might help in the future.

Get the inspectors out-call the coroners-check the death records, for sure!

Democrats don't want to find any problems and fix them-they want to start a political firestorm they foolishly think will give them an advantage during the '06 election!

LL prediction: Greedy, immoral Republicans and power-hungry, immoral Democrats will be replaced with right-thinkers-whether Democrat or Republican-in January of '07.

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