Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Michael Brown-Gauntlet of Guilt

The Democrats are destroying him. The Republicans are ripping his heart out. Since both parties seem to be seeking Michael Brown's downfall, vehemently, I must conclude that what he is saying must be very, very close to the truth!
Look at what is happening in the Democratric House. Nancy Lead-with-a-wetted-index-finger Pulosi and her solidarity of fools have polarized themselves just like a pile of rusty iron shavings over a magnet. The ignorant position her political strategy has led the House Democrats into is so obviously motivated-not by a desire to find the truth and fix problems, but to satisfy the base of hatred that has become the driving force behind their party.
Think about it-Pulosi is not allowing ANY Democratic member of Congress, other than those from the affected states, to participate in the House Select Committee's initial investigation into the problems revealed during the response to Katrina. Is that leadership? A political move at its most blatant and ignorant. The Democratic Party is putting all its money on their base of Bush-haters-except in the affected states where they are ALLOWING the members of Congress to they can appeal to their real base at home. The Democratic members who are participating in the investigation understand where their real duty is. What's sad is that all the other members do, as well, but choose to stand together in the circle of hate where they are so comfortable.
Michael Brown is being used as a scape-goat. The media and both political parties-no matter how they try-will never convince reasonable people otherwise. There were failures at all levels of government. No-one can reasonably come to any other conclusion. When there is no leadership, planning, or problem-solving at ground-zero of any given disaster location, the efforts of those trying to offer assistance from outside the area are greatly hampered. Every rational American sees that plainly!
Kathleen Blanco is appearing before the committee, today. Why should the Democrats want to question her when they have avoided mentioning her name throughout this whole ordeal.
Democrats, your unreasonable hatred is leading you down the road to irrelevence. Somehow that makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over!

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