Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Katrina-Revelation of Irresponsibility

I'm getting weary of the Katrina coverage. The more I watch and read about this natural diasaster, the less guilty I feel for not doing more to help. Call me callous and selfish-I don't really care.
When I see people who have probably never held a steady job-don't want to-don't need to because they know someone, probably government, will be there for them no matter what actions they, themselves, take-telling the cameras that someone NEEDS to send them the neccesities for life, it pisses me off!
How dare these irresponsible people, city governments and state governments expect others to bail them out after they have been so negligent in their own responsibilities?
"There oughta be a law"! A law that congress passes that says if you build, buy or rent in a hazardous area, you have absolutely no right to help from any other entity when your property is destroyed or your life is in danger.
It is not right that one person can irresponsibly put another's property and time up as collaterral against catastrophe.
I no longer want my tax-dollars to be spent on multi-million dollar Malibu estates. I can't fathom feeding idiots who care nothing about my needs and have put themselves in vulnerable positions. I don't want to pay for the rebuilding of casinos on the Gulf. If someone spends their entire life-savings on a Gulf-front property, they should do so without expecting me and the rest of the nation to replace their loss.
I'm as compassionate as the next person. I'm tired of people taking advantage of the compassion of our nation's citizens-irresponsibly and without permission to do so!

Compassion should not be viewed as collaterral against catastrophe. People should exercise personal responsibility and not depend on others for their needs. This would be helpful in all areas of peoples' lives.

Yes! I agree! Sounds like my Katrina rant from last week, LL. ;-)
Aravisea, it seems like our government has gone CRAZY!

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