Saturday, September 03, 2005


Katrina-Reject the "Science" You May Hear!

I've been in St. Louis for the last three days. I've watched the horrors of Katrina's aftermath unfold sporadically on the motel's TV set. Got back home, last night-late, and when I got up and went to town, this morning, I found that our little hamlet will be hosting a modest number of Katrina's "refugees". My wife and I have been wondering how we could help and now the opportunity has presented itself. I offered our names, this morning, as volunteers.
I've also found that my predictions of the beginning of the week have come to fruition. I knew (and voiced) that the left would try and divide our nation even more than they have already done, in an attempt to score points, politically. It makes me laugh to think that a shmuck like Robert Kennedy Jr. could place blame on the Bush Administration for the ongoing events which have resulted from this tragedy. The "global warming" myth raises it's rediculous head....and some will fall for it, thinking it is true. It is so indicative of the desire on the part of the left to capitalize on tragedy. It is so telling of the stategy of liberals, which depends on the gullible and the vulnerable.
Katrina is a national tragedy. It should pull the good out of us. It seems to be showing the worst of the "compassionate" left.

If leftist Democrats are going to start assigning blame-they need to keep those in mind who should have been on the ball figuring out a way to protect and defend the city they ran or the state they governed. The Democratic leadership in the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans has shown itself to be completely not up to the task.

If you want to read sensible science-read this blog!

The "science" you hear about "global-warming" is every bit as reliable as the "science" concerning "evolution". "Science" based on biased assumptions put forth by people who have a clear agenda.

New Orleans would have been better able to defend itself from Katrina if President Bush hadn't vetoed the bill that would have given them money to fix the levees. That's what I blame him for. That, and appointing his friend Michael Brown to head FEMA, instead of somebody who was qualified.

I am not going to get into global warming with you, because it isn't relevent in regard to Katrina. I don't think that even Bush is solely responsible for the oceans being 2 degrees higher than normal.
Can you not acknowlege that the initial relief effort should have been much better planned than the local Democratic government was prepared for?
Do you really believe that ANY government could have and would have respionded in a fashion which ours did?
I've heard Air Force Generals as well as NG Generals saying that the efforts on ALL parts have been valiant.
The Governor of the state of Louisiana was absolutely overwhelmed by the events. She didn't know what to do.
Individual citizens in the flooded streets of a dying city had more initiative than the mayor of New Orleans OR the governor of the state. Where was the stores of water, food and diapers in preparatiuon for such an event. Why were the hundreds of school buses flooded along with the rest of the city of New Orleans. The Democratic leadership was completely negligent and are pointing fingers to avert the media from scrutinizing their own monumental failures. Why wasn't the Superdome stocked with relief items?
Is it the federal government's place, first, to protect the citizens of any given region from natural disaster, or is it the local government's responsibility to at least have a plan?
I don't expect the federal government to have a disaster plan for my locale-I do expect the local government to have such a plan, however. Then, if needed, the feds can step in and give the needed help. This is obviously what occurred this past week. The failure was in the initial couple of days when local government should have had a plan working-they didn't.

The fact is that New Orleans has been at risk for generations. You are completely unfair to blame Bush for all that has transpired.

As horrified as I am seeing the plight of the people of New Orleans and the
Gulf-Coast this week, I am more horrified by the demands for government help. These people knew what chances they were taking when they decided to buy, build, or rent places in the hurricane zone.
I saw one reporter say: "The most stressful part of it all is that the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is that they are unablr to communicate. They don't know what is happening or what to do. THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO DISTRIBUTE CELL-PHONES TO THE STRICKEN PEOPLE OF THE AREA."
Give me a break.
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