Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Katrina-Blanco goes Blank-o

First things first. I've got to say this about Randall Robinson. For someone who claims to be a champion of his own people, he doesn't seem to give them a whole lot of credit. Niether do those emotional observers who agree with his "racism" comments. Why is the media and blogosphere filled with so much incompetence?
This ties in, nicely, with the subject indicated by the title of this post. George Bush has been criticized, accused of racism and genocide-he's run the gauntlet. Even the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin-the same one who was also criticizing Bush earlier in the week-has begun to realize what actually took place. The governor of the state of Louisiana,Kathleen Blanco, decided she needed a full day to respond to the options presented to her by the president while on board Air Force One.
There has been negligence and incompetence at work during this Katrina catastrophe, the actions-more appropriately, inactions of the Democratic governor is glaring proof of it!

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