Sunday, September 11, 2005


Katrina-An Appeal to the Poor

I've been getting more and more disgusted as I hear both Republicans and Democrats discuss Katrina's aftermath. The Democrats are clearly attempting to politicize this tragedy by blaming The Bush administration for the ineffective response. Republicans are going CRAZY-giving away money-MINE and YOURS-irresponsibly. I have some things to say about both. I'll deal with the Republicans, first.
Yes there was a level of incompetence in FEMA. Yes it was Bush's fault, in part, because he appointed an obviously unqualified man for such an important position. But I believe the president has made things happen since he realized what a lack of leadership was in New Orleans. I'll concede that the administration seemed not to realize the magnitude. "Blame Game" aside-this is why I'm so upset with Republicans-why is our government going to "invest" in the rebuilding of homes and businesses in a such disaster-prone area? I mean-those property owners who found themselves wiped out by Katrina's fury and were uninsured-if we are going to rebuild these people's lives because they make the choice to live in an area where they are put at risk several times a year, shouldn't we require a little responsibility on their part? Is my compassion to be taken for granted and used as insurance or collateral against their irresponsible decisions?
If we pay to rebuild these people's places, this time, they should have to sign some kind of waiver which releases the American taxpayer from any responsibility to do so in the future! If they decide to relocate, let's have the government buy them out and reclaim the land. They could sell to developers who could afford to pay insurance premiums. That should make the fat-cat corporations happy. It would also mean that a great deal of coastal land can be reclaimed as wetlands and natural habitats. That should satisfy the environmentalists. We can't just keep paying to rebuild people's lives over and over and over again!
Now for the Democrats.
Question-who should be held responsible for the security of temporary shelters in any given district? Who should be held responsible for having those shelters properly supplied? Who should be held responsible in any town/city/county/parrish for having its most vulnerable citizens cared for during times of crisis? Who is responsible when helpless elderly men and women drown in their nursing home beds? It is this hillbilly's opinion that those responsible for the deaths of the sick, elderly, and children during the first few days of the tragedy was clearly the local government-city/parrish/state. The Democratic Mayor, Ray Nagin, though he has at least recognized some of his failures, was completely negligent. How could he let this happen to HIS constituents? Kathleen Blanco-how could she have been MORE incompetent? She REFUSED to allow help into the affected area! Was SHE the one who tried to carry out the "genocide" that has been alleged by some?
My father was in the U.S. Navy from the time I was 2 years-old until just after I left for Basic-training at Lackland Air Force Base. I lived in California, Washington State, Japan, Norfolk, Greece among other places during my childhood. I went to 26 different schools during my 13 years of primary education-many on military installations. I say this for no other reason than to let any reader know that I am in no way, biggoted towards race-I accept every person I meet and respect them. At least until they show a disrespect of me.
I watched an older white-man, this week, on one of the cable networks. His devastated home was visible in the background. He said: "They ain't nobody to blame but myself." Later, on another channel, I saw an interview with an 18-20 year-old African-American woman in New Orleans. Sobbing back tears, she said: This has changed me. It's made me look at my life..I don't want to live like that way, anymore. I'll be doing things different from now on."
To the poor and-as has been well discussed during the coverage of Katrina's effects on New Orleans-to Blacks. I hope this tragedy that has befallen you and your neighbors will prompt you to see who cares for you and your neighbor, most. I hope you understand-as long as you stay dependent on government, you'll not have the experience of depending on yourselves. As long as you depend on government, you'll continue to vote those into office who will help you to continue that cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck. The Democrats know this. They also know that they are not helping you to better your own lives by giving you the things you can get for yourselves. They also know that as long as you depend on government to take care of your basic needs, you will continue to vote for them. It's a vicious cycle they have inserted you into. I hope the many of you who are poor....or...poor AND black victims of Katrina will see the opportunity you have to break the chains that the Democratic party has put upon you and "your people". The same for other ethnicities which are being manipulated and used by the dishonorable Democratic party.
I believe that moral libertarianism-a philosophy that says mankind should be able to enjoy life as it long as no harm is brought to another-is the proper political position. This position requires the very thing that the Democratic party and the rest of the left have rejected-personal responsibility.
The Democrats depend on government dependents. Don't let them depend on you!
If you read anything on this great blogosphere, you'll clearly see where real tolerance lies. It's not with the left, who attempt to silence any voice which disagrees with their philosophy. It's with those of us who want to see a better, more moral and tolerant America. And we are depending on you.

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