Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Harry Reid and the Gathering of the Blackbirds

Some liberal Democrats have recently told me that they would vote for a Republican candidate like John McCain. I don't believe them, but will accept their word for now. I want to say that I would vote for a Democrat-if he we agreed on certain things.
1) Abortion is Murder because it diregards the personal rights of the affected life and is in itself an act of personal irresponsibility on the part of the mother.
2) Homosexuality is sexual perversion and should not be forced on moral society.
3) Adultery is sexual perversion and should not be forced on maral society.
4) Personal responsibility should be the goal-not keeping the poor down in order to have a ready supply of votes.

There are many other things that a Democratic candidate would have to prove to me in order to get my vote. Mind you-I wouldn't vote for John McCain.

This is my problem. Except for a very few nationally elected Democrats, the Party has decided that it will accept those things that I vehemently oppose. I can't vote for someone who thinks that personal responsibility only applies if one wants to apply it and that the government should pick up the pieces of irresponsible people's mistakes-no matter how many times the irresponsible behaviour is exhibited.

Harry Reid is a perfect example of why the Democratic Party is in decline. He's a weak little man who can't do the right thing because he feels he may offend those baby-killers and perverts who put him in office. He's not an isolated example, however.
As one looks at the rhetoric from Senate Democrats and the pundits of the left, you see this trend throughout the party.
You know, it's the time of year where Americans will begin seeing the annual mass-migrations of birds to the south. Remember those drives in the fall where you see the untold thousands of blackbirds flying en-masse? Where they light in trees, on high-line wires or fields in their multitudes-chirping and rattling off in a giant chorus of blackbird voices? You know-they fly as one unit following the lead of whatever bird may take a notion to change course?
This is what the left-wing Democrats remind me of. A bunch of blackbirds on a fence raising hell, stripping the land clean of anything useful, distorting the view as a fog does and shitting on everything in their path.
But you have to admire the unity they are bringing-maybe not to the Democratic Party-but to the liberal left of the nation. Hell, they even can claim solidarity with the other flocks in foriegn countries.
You also have to admire that they have leveled their playing field. You could replace any left-wing Senator or U.S. Representative in congress with any Michael Moore, uninformed high-schooler/college student, PETA member and they could all be as effective as the lawyers who hold the elected positions.
Like a bunch of blackbirds-following each other's leads. squawking about antything and everything and squirting crap all over each other.
Harry Reid is a joke. So is the rest of the Democratic left.

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