Thursday, September 22, 2005


Grid-lock and Ghost-towns

The phenomenon known as Katrina is still sweeping through the nation's south. While the rain-bands and brutal winds have long gone, and the storm surge has receded, waves of fear are transforming southern Texas.
Some "evacuees" have spent 8-10 hours on Interstate 45, trying to flee north from the approach of Katrina's big sister, Rita. There have been reports of people running out of gas in the midst of a jam-packed freeway. Others are actually pushing their vehicles along in order to conserve the gas they have in their tanks.
Along the coast, human life has essentially ceased to exist. The cities and towns have been deserted by their inhabitants fearful of the destructive power observed along the Mississippi Gulf coast during Katrina's furious landfall. seems to be a driving force, anymore. Fear of terrorism, crime and weather. Fear of our nation unraveling-splitting it's inseam.
But, you know what? With all this darkness seemingly closing around us, there is light. Many deny it. Others mistake lesser darkness for light. But the Glory of God is ever bright. Through all the mess we are going through-and I believe we will continue to go through-there is a solid rock that we can grab hold of. It's Christ, the GLory of God. And where comfort is needed, the Spirit of God provides.
Some will scoff at my words and reject them as fantasy-a result of being brainwashed by religion. I'll never understand how those people could reject the truth, comfort, love, and peace that they so desire.
Thank God I have somewhere to place my confidence in these troubling times.

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