Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Good Jobs VS Insurance Frauds

Just a thought I was thinking:

Why are there not breathalizers set up at the work entrances of every factory in America? I mean-good jobs aren't available to anyone who uses marijuana, however casually, if it means passing a test that might show positive for at-home use.
If this is really an insurance issue, shouldn't every person be screened for alcohol use? Have you ever known anyone to come to your workplace tipsy or even drunk?
There are many responsible families which are being harmed by this injustice perpetuated by big insurance companies. People who might never drink but may enjoy a joint every now and then.
Alcohol is far more incapacitating than marijuana-why are they not testing for its use?

Hypocrites-many more accidents at the work-place can be attributed to alcohol influence than marijuana influence-think it out!

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