Monday, September 26, 2005


Anti-War Protest-Who's Convincing Who?

If you noticed the comments on my last post dealing with the meager protest in Washington, this past weekend, you'll notice that an attendee stated that the event will have been effective if it persuaded just ONE person to come to their way of thinking. It's really funny when you think about it. The scumbags of American fringe society walked by the WhiteHouse, Saturday, displaying banners filled with hate. Communists, has been actresses, wannabe politicians and kids-without-a-clue joined together in unity! The unifying force? Hatred of the Right and George Bush.

I have to wonder-how many of the meager multitude, curious after a day of events surrounding the National Book Festival which also was ongoing, this weekend, came to the conclusion that this movement was filled with wierdos and hatemongers.

I say more were swayed AGAINST the anti-war movement than were persuaded to join it.

Great job, Mommy Sheehan! We need more rallies with the dregs of society spouting their hate!

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